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Independent Educational Counsultant

CV Highlights:

Former Associate Director of Admission, University of Rochester

BA Anthropology; University of Rochester

MA History; University of Rochester

PhD Anthropology; University of Georgia

Former Adjunct Professor; University of Georgia, University of Rochester, Furman University

Former Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach; University of Rochester and Athens Academy

Former US Peace Corps Volunteer


I used to tell prospective students about how I’ve “been on both sides of the admissions desk” and that I could understand feeling overwhelmed by the college admissions process. I’ve actually been around the desk, over it, under it, and I’ve moved it into a different office. When I started as an admissions counselor more than a 15 years ago, I didn’t imagine how many aspects of higher education I would become familiar with.


In the last 25 years, I transitioned from an early decision applicant to a transfer student to a graduate. I both played and coached NCAA sports. I studied abroad in my junior year and have spent 18 years leading university and high school study abroad programs in five different countries. I completed academic research around the world and have given talks and workshops for international students interested in US colleges and universities. I majored in anthropology and then got my MA and PhD and taught anthropology and research methods across the spectrum from R1 research universities and small liberal arts colleges. I spent six and half years working in an undergraduate admissions office, first as a counselor and then as an Associate Director. I also worked in a university career center helping prospective US Peace Corps and job applicants in their application process. 

Now, I want to use all of that experience to help you. Above all, my objective is to be a calming presence who listens to the needs of students first. I’ll help you filter the noise of the many well-intentioned voices sharing their own experience of the admissions process with you. I know students stand to benefit from a dedicated coach and advisor through this process and I can ethically and thoroughly prepare you for the many scenarios you should consider in both telling your story and, ultimately, living your story during your college experience and beyond. 

It’s difficult to avoid the cliché that I love college admissions work because I get to help students find the right school. In reality, I do this work because, after spending many years telling students that the school I worked for was the best place for them, I feel it’s most important to make clear to you that there are lots of "best places" for you and I am here to help you find them.


I am drawn to the opportunity to listen, learn, and be a conduit between your interests, fears, hopes, and dreams and the many places where you can not only be admitted, but can stay, experience comfort and challenge, and remain on track to complete your education on-time and succeed in the future.

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